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Welcome to the extraordinary journey of "Math Sharp Kids," a revolutionary approach to teaching simple math facts to children without relying on finger counting. This educational endeavor began in 1991 when I embarked on a homeschooling adventure with a vision to make math enjoyable, memorable, and intuitive for my children. The result is a series of games and accompanying books that turn learning into a thrilling adventure. Let's explore the origins and goals of the Math Sharp series, starting with the flagship game, "Add Sharp to the Pirate Treasure."


Rethinking Education

Homeschooling for 14 years led me to rethink traditional math education. I aimed to instill a deep understanding of math facts and eliminate the need for finger counting. This required a systematic approach, combining related math facts into groups, each with its own picture mnemonic  icon for easy recall.


Unique Algorithms and Methods

Deviating from the standard  algorithms, I discovered alternatives that aligned seamlessly with the methods used in the board and card games. This paved the way for more engaging and effective learning experiences. The creation of hundreds of problems and math drills ensured a comprehensive supplemental curriculum that challenged and inspired young minds.


The Birth of Math Sharp Games

"Add Sharp to the Pirate Treasure" emerged as the first official game in the Math Sharp series. However, it didn't stop there. The series expanded to cover subtraction ("Minus Sharp to the Lost City of Atlantis"), doubling and halving ("Double Sharp / Half Sharp to the Mountain and Back"), multiplication ("Time Sharp Journey to Saturn"), and division ("Divide Sharp into the Crystal Cave"). Each game promises excitement and fun, turning math into an adventure.


Collaborating with a Graphic Designer

To bring these games to life, my son, a talented artist and graphic designer, joined the journey. Together, we infused the games with captivating visuals and engaging designs that enhance the learning experience. The marriage of educational content and creative design ensures that Math Sharp games are both educational and enjoyable.


Books with a Purpose

Accompanying each game is a unique book, unveiling algorithms and methods that complement the game's learning objectives. These books serve as valuable resources, providing insights and techniques to reinforce the concepts introduced in the games.

"Math Sharp Kids Books" can stand alone as powerful resources that transcend the board games, providing a better way for students who already know their facts to work through math problems. Whether used independently or as companions to the games, these books unlock a world of streamlined algorithms, intuitive approaches, and practical tips, fostering a deeper mastery of arithmetic. Empower your child's mathematical journey with "Math Sharp Kids Books" today!



The Math Sharp series is not just about teaching math; it's about turning math into an exciting adventure for children. With the aim of creating Math Sharp Kids, this journey is a blend of innovative teaching methods, engaging games, and the collaborative effort of a dedicated team. Join us on this adventure, and let's make simple math a fun and memorable experience for every child. Together, we'll navigate the seas of knowledge and uncover the treasures of mathematical mastery!

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