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I homeschooled my children for 14 years and began work on a math book in 1991. The first math book I wrote was like any other, so I had to rethink what it was that I wanted to accomplish. I wanted my kids to learn simple math facts….not count on their fingers.

I needed a system. I studied a few different programs, working with groups of math facts that related to each other. I gave them picture references and mnemonics, ways to remember and retrieve those facts that weren't just rote memory. I decided that the groups should have a memory hook or picture icon that related to the group each represented.

I didn’t want to use the standard addition algorithm. Instead, I found an algorithm that corresponded with the way the facts were taught in the board and card game that I created. I wrote hundreds of addition problems and math drills. 

AddSharp to the Pirate Treasure is the first official game in the MathSharp series, but I also have games for subtraction, doubling and halving, and multiplication and division. With the help of my son who is a graphic designer, we are working to make these games exciting and fun to play! Each game also has books to accompany them.

So, this is the beginning of a journey. I hope you enjoy it with me as we progress! I want to make simple math a fun adventure for children and help them become MathSharpKids.

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