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Good Review

Math Sharp Kids

Candace Smothers

When it comes to math, settling into a somewhat humdrum routine is often the norm for my family. Straightforward workbooks with little cause for imagination or play can become quite mundane after a while, leaving us craving an opportunity to mix things up. Math Sharp Kids has created a line of math games that gave us just that; a fun, creative way to learn, practice and review math facts.

AddSharp to the Pirate Treasure and Minus Sharp to the Lost City of Atlantis offer a new twist on learning addition and subtraction facts; Double Sharp Half Sharp provides a two-game-in-one introduction to multiplication and division by drilling both halving and doubling skills.

Math Sharp Kids games are an excellent resource for building basic math skills. I would recommend these games for young children to learn and attain skills. For older children, these games are a fantastic way to review and drill essential skills. The self-paced learning, skill-building levels, and goal-oriented challenges provide an excellent way to master essential skills while still having lots of fun learning!

-Product review by Danielle Lenz, The Old Schoolhouse® June 2023

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